Yes I’ve Loved.

Yes I’ve loved      Yes I’ve loved      You said watch
the deep woods      the long drive      and then you’d
the long trail      the dirt roads      lay down along
the dark earth      the salt marsh      the back seats
the blue skies      the crab grass      and then taken
the deep gorge      the sand dunes      off your shoes
the wide river      the tide pools      and your socks
the easy hills      the wide beach      and your jeans
the high peaks      the wild ocean      and your shirt
the hawk above      the blue waves      and your belly
the tall pines      the salt spray      was soft white
the mute black      sea bird wings      and your laugh
oak tree roots      fog like smoke      was like honey
Yes I’ve loved      Yes I’ve loved      and wild roses
the deep swamp      and I’ve lived      and your smile
cat tail stems      and I’ve loved      was like sugar
the long reeds      Yes I’ve loved      and cold cream
the calm water      the corn bread      and your voice
the blue heron      the plum jelly      was like music
the glen where      the cold cider      You said hurry
the wood ferns      the moon above      I’m cold hurry
are like trees      the dark field      You were naked
the pale light      the barn dance      and pale below
the lush green      the slow songs      the cool stars
the cool shade      and that night      and we’d slept
the deep quiet      you said slyly      the long night
Yes I’ve loved      I’m here alone      now less apart
the lake cabin      and then after      now less alone
the wood stove      the last dance      now more alive
the cold night      had just ended      and more whole
the wood smoke      you came close      and dawn broke
the pure stars      and we’d snuck      and rose above
the pale moths      out just along      the open field
mad with light      the barn where      and we’d woken
the wolf howls      the moon shone      and lain still
the dawn skies      ash gold above      and kept quiet
the loon calls      the dewy grass      and just gazed
the mist along      and we’d opted      out onto those
the open water      for your truck      low blue hills

But that isn’t      Now I’ve grown      Yes I’ve loved
the full story      too wide awake      you with every
The full story      too well aware      rib with every
has ugly words      you were never      hip bone every
and dumb ideas      the real thing      one last fiber
and hard falls      but some ghost      Yes I’ve loved
and deep scars      I’d seen there      you ever since
and ends badly      its gray bones      but that isn’t
The full story      not well built      the real point
has less sense      for this world      Yes I’ve loved
and more chaos      its sole haunt      but also cried
and less grace      the cold halls      Yes I’ve loved
and more agony      the past forms      but love fades