The Barn.

the last    the barn    and when    and then    and when
day that    was dark    i’d come    you took    i’d left
i’d gone    and damp    out from    the sled    the farm
out onto    and your    the barn    and rode    i’d felt
the farm    arm felt    the moon    too fast    you slip
i’d seen    icy when    was huge    and fell    far away
you walk    i’d held    and high    and said    and then
out into    you near    and pale    eek oops    i’d felt
the yard    you said    far over    i’m whoa    the pain
and then    i’m okay    the dark    wow that    i’d felt
out past    and then    low land    was wild    the cold
the pond    you wept    the snow    and then    day that
and into    and wept    was cold    you left    you died
the barn    and said    and soft    and then    but that
and when    i’m just    and pure    the next    was 1948
i’d come    not sure    and then    day when    and this
out into    how i’ll    the same    i’d gone    was 1957
the barn    get when    old barn    out onto    and what
i’d said    you move    owl that    the road    you were
hey anna    far away    i’d seen    i’d seen    was what
you here    and then    was over    you just    i’d lost
you said    i’d said    the yard    the last    not what
i’m near    you know    and we’d    one time    i’d left
the back    you were    run down    out past            
hay loft    the only    the hill    the tall            
and when    way that    you said    fir tree            
i’d come    i’d come    dad will                        
and said    out here    you grab                        
hey lady    all this    the sled                        
you said    way anna                                    
dad will    and then                                    
you just    you left                                    
lay down                                                
now here                                                
and rest