Lightning” (from Glossology), published in ToCall magazine.

Absinthe,” published as a nanopamphlet by Penteract Press. Free PDF here.


ANTHEM,” published online in

“West Indian Manatee” (from Glossology), numbered edition of 30 cards, available by request.

“Four Paths II” and “Three Definitions (for Christian Bök),” both published in the anthology Concrete & Constraint from Penteract Press. Free PDFs here and here.

Glossology, a set of lipograms. Free PDF here.

Four Paths,” published as a chapbook by Timglaset Editions. Free PDF here.

Examine Your Zoosphere,” published as a leaflet by Penteract Press. Free PDF here.

Antagony” (from Abacus), published as a micro-leaflet by Spacecraft Press.

Abacus, a collection of constrained poetry. Free PDF here.